• Testimonials

  • Dr. Bruner and I have worked together for over a year. She has been a constant source of support and guidance for me. I am forever grateful for all her work to help me live a balanced and mentally/emotionally healthy life.

    Deborah K.

  • Dr. Bruner is kind, patient, and thoughtful. She's empathetic and really listens, giving you goals to work on and taking an active interest in me as an individual. She's wonderful and very professional. Thank you Sonya!

    Sean D.

  • Sonya was absolutely wonderful. She listened and understood what I was going through, asked questions that allowed me to express the challenges, and provided insights and clarification on how I was handling the situation that made me feel incredibly reassured and empowered. I recommend her to anyone and everyone going through difficult situations.

    Samantha M.

  • Dr Bruner has helped me through one of the hardest times in my life.Her understanding and non-judgmental approach to calming me and helping me has been invaluable. She really is amazing!

    Sarah V.

  • Dr. Bruner has done a fantastic job of helping me through some of my darkest days. I would consider my condition to be somewhat severe but she has provided an enlightening perspective on my issues and has offered some very supportive suggestions. She seems very knowledgeable, experienced, and overall I really enjoy working with her.

    David F.